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Welcome to the New Horizons International website and thank you for taking an interest in our services.

New Horizons International specialises in helping people to set up and operate their own business. Whilst we live and operate from the country of England, our business model permits us to support clients from countries all around the world.

We work in the increasingly popular and fast growing Wellness, Health & Nutrition sector. Our business specialism is helping clients from hugely differing backgrounds and education, to create and grow their own exciting and profitable business.

New Horizons International provides our clients with an ethical, transparent and proven business formula. We guide them in the creation of a business that quickly generates income and profit. This can also lead to a recurring, royalty style income.

The business formula that we share and endorse is easy to understand, it is tried and tested and has been operating successfully for 40 years.

Why the Wellness, Health & Nutrition Industry?

If you take a little time to carry out some modest Internet research, you will quickly find that the Wellness, Health & Nutrition Industry has enjoyed strong growth for at least the last decade. The thirst for health and wellness products is being driven by humanity’s inevitable pursuit for longer & healthier lives. The growth and popularity is also influenced by Nutritionists, Doctors and Scientists who continue to produce and publish powerful information about the impact of our lifestyle and our eating habits.

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